Explain why ssd is much faster than hdd to 10 years old

2023 Jan 29

SSD stands for Solid State Drive and HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. They are both types of storage devices that are used to save computer files, but they work in different ways.

An SSD is like a big memory card that your computer uses to store files. It uses tiny chips to save the data and it can read and write data very quickly. This is why it makes your computer work faster when you use programs or open files.

An HDD is like a record player that uses a spinning disk to save files. It can take longer for the computer to find the files on the spinning disk and read them. That’s why an SSD is faster than an HDD.

Imagine you are looking for a toy in your room. If you have toys neatly stacked in a shelf, you can quickly grab the one you want. But if the toys are scattered all over the room, it will take you longer to find the one you want. That’s how an SSD is like a shelf and an HDD is like a room full of scattered toys.