How to build a toy rocket?

2023 Jan 21

A rocket is a special kind of vehicle that can fly very high into the sky. It’s like a big balloon that gets filled with special gases that make it go up, up, up!

To build a rocket, you will need some materials like cardboard, glue, and paint. First, you will need to make the shape of the rocket using the cardboard. You can do this by cutting out a big tube shape and then attaching a pointy nose and fins to the back.

Next, you will need to add the special gases that make the rocket fly. We use something called “rocket fuel” which is a special kind of liquid that burns very hot and creates a lot of gas. You can use a small water bottle as the rocket fuel container, and put some baking soda and vinegar inside. Once you have the rocket fuel inside the rocket, you can paint it to make it look cool.

Now, you’re ready to launch your rocket. You can do this by finding a big open field and using a bike pump to blow air into the rocket fuel container, and watch your rocket fly into the sky.