How to explain blockchain to a five years old?

2023 Jan 19

Blockchain is like a big, shared notebook that lots of people can write in. Everyone can see what’s written in the notebook and it’s really hard to change what’s been written. It’s like a notebook that never runs out of pages and you can’t tear out a page and throw it away.

Imagine you and your friends are playing a game where you trade stickers. Instead of trading stickers with just your friends, you can trade stickers with anyone in the world who also plays the game. And instead of trading stickers in person, you can trade them online using the shared notebook I told you about. That notebook is called the blockchain.

The blockchain is used for more than just trading stickers. It can also be used to keep track of things like money and property. And because it’s so hard to change what’s been written in the notebook, it’s a safe and secure way to keep track of important things.

So, Blockchain is like a shared notebook where lots of people can write and read, but no one can change it, it’s very safe and can be used to keep track of different things like money or property.