How to explain chemical energy to a five years old?

2023 Jan 19

Chemical energy is a type of energy that is stored in the bonds between atoms and molecules. Imagine that you have a toy car that runs on batteries. The batteries store a certain amount of chemical energy, and when you turn the car on, that energy is released and the car moves.

In the same way, the food we eat also contains chemical energy. Our bodies break down the food and use the energy to make our muscles move and our hearts pump. Even the fuel we use to power cars and airplanes is a type of chemical energy.

Another example of chemical energy is fireworks. When you light a firework, the chemicals inside the firework react and release energy in the form of light and sound. This is what makes the firework go up in the air and make all the pretty colors.

So, chemical energy is a kind of energy that is stored in things like food, batteries, and fireworks. And when that energy is released, it can make things move, light up, and make noise.