How to explain hydrogen power or hydrogen fuel to a five years old?

2023 Jan 19

Hydrogen is a special kind of gas that can be used to make things move, like cars or airplanes. It’s like a magic fuel that can make things go fast! But, in order to use it, we need to make it react with something else, like oxygen. When hydrogen reacts with oxygen, it makes a new substance called water, and it also makes a lot of energy. This energy is what we use to make things move.

Just like how we need food to give us energy to run and play, hydrogen is the food for cars and airplanes to move. And just like how we need air to breathe, cars and airplanes need oxygen to make the hydrogen react and give them energy to move.

It’s a bit like a science magic trick! We take something small and light like hydrogen and make it react with something else like oxygen, and it turns into something bigger and more powerful like water and energy. And that energy is what makes things like cars and airplanes move fast! But it doesn’t make any pollution like regular gas does, it makes water instead. Water is something we drink and use to take showers and it’s not harmful to the environment.