How to explain lightning to a five years old?

2023 Jan 17

Lightning is a bright flash of electricity that happens in the sky during a thunderstorm. It is caused by the movement of electricity between the clouds and the ground. It can be very dangerous, so if you see lightning, you should go inside to stay safe. Think of it like a spark that jumps from one cloud to another or to the ground. It is very pretty to look at, but we need to be careful.

Lightning is created when there is a lot of movement and energy in the clouds. When the top of a cloud becomes positively charged and the bottom of the cloud becomes negatively charged, a spark or lightning bolt can happen. This spark is called electricity, and it is the same thing that powers our lights and appliances at home.

Sometimes, lightning can also happen between the clouds and the ground. When the ground becomes positively charged and the bottom of the clouds become negatively charged, a spark can happen between the two, creating lightning.

It is important to remember that lightning can be dangerous, so if you hear thunder or see lightning, it’s best to go inside and stay away from windows and doors. And if you’re outside and can’t find shelter, you should stay away from tall objects like trees and try to find a low-lying area to take cover.