How to explain motion to a five years old?

2023 Jan 12

Motion is the way objects move or change position.

Imagine you are playing with a toy car. You push the car, and it starts to roll across the floor. The car is moving because it is changing position. It started at one place, and now it is at another place. This is an example of motion.

Anything that moves is said to be in motion. For example, if you are running or riding a bike, you are in motion. If a bird is flying through the sky, it is also in motion.

Motion can also be described by its speed, which is how fast an object is moving. For example, a car driving down the road is moving faster than a person walking.

We can also describe the direction of motion. For example, if the toy car is moving from left to right, we would say it is moving to the right. If it is moving from right to left, we would say it is moving to the left.