How to explain proton to a ten years old?

2023 Jan 13

A proton is a tiny particle that is found in the center of an atom. It has a positive charge, which means it has a special kind of energy. Think of it like a little ball that is stuck in the middle of the atom, holding everything else together. It’s really small, so small that you can’t even see it with your eyes. But even though it’s tiny, it plays a big role in how atoms behave.

Proton is one of the three main types of particles that make up atoms, along with electrons and neutrons. Electrons are negatively charged and are found outside the nucleus. Neutrons are neutral and are also found in the nucleus. The number of protons in an atom’s nucleus determines what element the atom is. For example, all hydrogen atoms have just one proton, while all helium atoms have two protons. This is why protons are often called the “building blocks” of atoms.