How to explain the big bang to a five years old?

2023 Jan 19

The Big Bang is a scientific theory that explains how the universe began. A long, long time ago, all the matter in the universe was squeezed into a tiny, tiny dot. This dot was so small that it was almost nothing, but it was very, very hot and very, very dense.

One day, this dot exploded! It was a big explosion and it sent all the matter flying out in every direction. As the matter flew out, it started to cool down and spread out. This is how the universe we live in today was created.

The stars, planets, and galaxies that we see in the night sky are all made of the matter that flew out from that tiny dot. Scientists believe that this explosion happened around 13.8 billion years ago. That’s a very long time ago, but we can still learn about it by studying the light and radiation that was left behind.

So, imagine a tiny dot, like a tiny seed, that exploded and turned into all the stars, planets and galaxies. This is the Big Bang! It is how everything in the universe began.