how to explain thunder storm to a five years old?

2023 Jan 17

A thunderstorm is a storm that has lightning and thunder. Lightning is a bright flash of light that comes from the sky, and thunder is the loud noise that comes after the lightning. Thunderstorms happen when the air in the sky gets very hot and starts to rise, and the clouds that form are called thunderclouds. Sometimes it rains during a thunderstorm, and sometimes it hails. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when hot and cold air meet.

Thunderstorms are like big fireworks in the sky, with bright flashes of light and loud bangs. They happen when the sky gets hot and the clouds get big and dark.

When a thunderstorm is happening, it’s important to stay inside and away from windows. Lightning can be dangerous, and thunder can be very loud. Sometimes we might see the lightning and hear the thunder, and sometimes we might only hear the thunder. It’s also important to be careful outside during a thunderstorm because the rain and wind can be strong and make it hard to see or walk.

It’s also important to explain that thunderstorms are a natural phenomenon, which means they happen because of the way the earth and the sky work. They are not something to be scared of, but it is important to be aware of the safety precautions.

You can also tell them that after a thunderstorm, the sky can look very pretty and you can see a rainbow. And tell them that it is fun to watch the storm from a safe place and listen to the thunder.